We create contents for different formats. Everything has a story behind. We write that story to project it into the world, be it in the form of an exhibition, a documentary, a book, or an interactive game.

We love challenges. We turn the difficult and inscrutable into pasion and fun. With a vocation for popularizacion and a scientific background, we have undertaken projects in scientific, educative and socio-cultural fields. This translates into a dialogue that returns to society the knowledge built by experts.

The public deserves ideas worth remembering. We create experiences that will stay in their memory for a long time.

Contents have to be excellent and outstanding. That is why we face every project we accept as a unique piece of work, which we can be proud of.

Exhibitions. We write the narrative behind the exhibition, and work on the main metaphors that will articulate the discourse. We divide into sections, always with the space and the visitor in mind. We write the final texts, pick pictures and examples, with rigorous documentation and in constant contact with experts.

Interactives. We develop media for touch-screens, haptic systems or augmented reality. We design to put technology at the service of communication without trivializing the message.

Audiovisuals. We script short and medium films for exhibitions and museums, on the communication of whales, the Large Hadron Collider, the life of a non-verbal child, or the interbreeding of neanderthals and sapiens.

Webpages. We design and develop responsive webpages to meet the needs of our projects and our clients: from simple corporate pages to adapted conent management systems.

Talking Brains. A temporary exhibition currently hosted at CosmoCaixa Barcelona about the human faculty of language and its implementation on the brain. The original idea is by In Medulla and Wolfram Hinzen, curator of the exhibition, and it has been produced by our partners of Indissoluble.

Alice experiment video-mapping. A video-mapped audiovisual on a real-size mock-up of the Alice experiment at CERN produced by Indissoluble. It will be hosted in a permanent exhibition at Alice's headquarters.

Microcosm's Theorist Office. Four short video-mapped audiovisuals on advanced topics in theoretical physics set on an environment that recreates the office of a scientist at CERN. Produced with Indissoluble.

Remodelling of CosmoCaixa. A pre-project to refurbish the permanent exhibition of the Science Museum of Barcelona.

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